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Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier

This week I thought I would share a hodgepodge of cool stuff I found online.

In an article about how to be a courageous songwriter, Mary Gauthier states, “Songwriting is a noble calling that requires more than talent and perseverance. It requires courage. If you are willing to face yourself and honestly reveal in your songs what you’ve seen in that unveiling of yourself, then you have a chance of writing songs that will outlive you”

You don’t often get a glimpse into co-writers creating a hit song, but you do in this video of Kip Moore and his band mates writing Dirt Road. We then see Moore perform the song the very next night!

My dad was a visual artist and he used to tell me that he didn’t believe a true artist should enter contests. I’ve pretty much adhered to that, with the rare exception. I believe it takes time, energy, and money from the creation of your work. That being said, I thought this article, “How Rodney Crowell Met His Co-writer,” shines a light on a different perspective.

I went to school about half an hour from Rockford, Illinois, where the band Cheap Trick hails from. At first, I heard the buzz about them, but thought they were just a pretty good regional band. Their studio records didn’t blow me away. It wasn’t until I heard Live At Budokan and the song I Want You To Want Me that I realized they were a global force to be reckoned with. They sounded exciting live (on the record), and I finally got to verify that a few years ago, when I saw them at a local club. Here’s a bit about my favorite of their hits, Surrender.

There’s a new album I’m excited about hearing called Looking Into You: A Tribute to Jackson Browne 
(Music Road).

Check out Griffin House covering Barricades Of Heaven on the record.

Loyal readers of this blog may remember when I wrote about the time I met Mr Browne.

And, finally, many of you read my articles on Tin Pan South in Nashville:

With 10 venues competing for my attention, I always felt like I was missing something. I find it interesting that this coverage by American Songwriter magazine has no overlap of the songwriters that I saw!

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